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Our Concept

Successful Marketing–
this is at the heart of what we do ...

We see ourselves as a marketing communications company linking travel companies, hotels and hotel groups, destination tourism boards and travel associations with their market segment on a business level in various European countries.


Our objective is inspiring and connecting people and business in the tourism industry, helping with our experiences and sharing knowledge and networks, living and working with great passion in all its facets of this incredible encouraging and motivating entity.


Marketing successful– this is at the heart of what we do. Any successful business requires effective marketing. Whether you are looking for bold and original or sophisticated and subtle, we will develop a dynamic strategy and drive it forward across markets to meet your goals.


The global demand is steadily rising for sustainable tourism destinations, now highly topical since Covid-19. Adding new health safety regulations and new hygienic standard protocols, leads to an even greater responsibility to safeguard all places the travel industry depends upon for business.

Thus safety and hygiene has become suddenly an important part of a sustainable tourism concept which should help to protect our fragile planet for future generations.


We will show your market where you now will place yourself and we make sure that your messages will be heard and that your product will be visible on existing and on new markets.


The way of doing business is changing immensely; we will connect you with the so-called New Approach. In each different tourism business sector, you need to experience and to react quickly to the changes.


People are now carefully considering when, where and how to travel. They are looking out to enforce physical distancing and focus on health and hygiene. Now, go on vacation does mean: choosing even more thoughtful a destination, booking intentionally accommodations in compliance with the new hygienic standards and rules, travelling with less crowds and avoiding packed places, favoring private tours over group tours – except small groups of family or friends, to name a few reasons.


We will craft for you winning content and strategies that enables your hotel, your agency and your destinations to reach today’s experiential traveler.

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