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About Us

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Our Mission

We all at OMINTARA connecting passion strive to create contemporary and innovative, strategic branding and marketing concepts for travel companies, hotels and hotel groups, destination tourism boards and travel associations to be visible and to be represented on the European market.


We share common values and the desire to make your business visible in our markets.


OMINTARA connection passion is your European representative network. It has been established to meet your tourism marketing needs if you require integrated European or just regional representation.


With years of experience in the tourism business, under the OMINTARA connection passion umbrella, each of us is your independent travel PR, marketing and representation specialists in our respective regions and markets, opening you access to local insight and contacts.

Our Story

combining strength ...

We, LESTARI, NORMAN and SIGGI are the three founders of OMINTARA connecting passion.


For many years we know each other, having been former business partners in varying tourism environments, and worked for different tourism companies in Indonesia and overseas.


Over the years we realized that the three of us had actually many similar professional interests, all driven by a passionate love for Asia, above all for Indonesia.


We discovered our strength in our diverse inside knowledge, in our vast experience, being interconnected in various tourism networks and in our common mission to support especially the Indonesian tourism development on the international level.


Slowly the idea arose to work together, to bundle our strength and the advantages of each of us and to put our vision and ideas of tourism marketing and branding in one basket, creating a profound professional source of more than 80 years of three careers in the tourism industry.


At the end of 2019, we founded OMINTARA connecting passion, based in Frankfurt / Germany to offer Asian tourism companies full backing in European countries in branding, marketing, representation and sales support with each of us signing responsible for certain markets.


After many years living in Asia, our new home countries finally became Sweden, The Netherlands and Germany, respectively.


Frequent yearly trips to Asia will serve us to keep our general knowledge on an up-to-date level and a big help to extend our detailed product knowledge on a regularly base.

We chose Bamboo, the Asian lucky plant, as the symbol of OMINTARA connecting passion, its qualities and characteristics are amazing. Bamboo is durable, resistant, flexible, fast growing, multiple use, has strong roots, all its parts can be reused, it’s environmentally friendly and a sustainable renewable resource – a perfect model function for OMINTARA connecting passion.

Our Team

OMINTARA connecting passion

We are your team of flexible, curious, enthusiastic and highly passionate people

siggi team
Siggi Neuhaus - Omintara

SIGGI is a well-founded industry insider having worked in tourism his entire life. Since 1979, he has been working successfully in the hotel-, tour operator-and incoming industry in Asia, hold positions as Product Manager, General Manager, DMC country Manager, and Hotel Contracting Representative for Indonesia and Singapore for a German Tour Operator. For many years he is a frequent visitor of most of the important European and Asian trade shows, roadshows in Europe and joined other Indonesian tourism promoting events.

SIGGI is your partner for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Until another colleague is joining our team, he will look also after France and Spain

Lestari Helin

Born in Indonesia, Lestari began her professional career in Bali. After 10 years working at an incoming agency she moved to Sweden and made her name as an Indonesian Specialist and built-up an immense tour operator-, travel retail- and airlines network in the Nordic and Baltic countries. One of her trademarks are the regularly executed promotional B2B roadshows for Indonesian tourism businesses partners.

lestari team

LESTARI is your partner for Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway), Finland and for the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

norman team

Norman Nordin

After his studies, Indonesian born NORMAN had assignments in Indonesia in the tourism supporting industry, followed by holding positions in sales and marketing at high end Indonesian properties. Since 2012 Norman is based in Amsterdam. He was 6 years responsible for branding & marketing for an Indonesian high end property, being in charge for Western & Eastern Europe. All his assignments requested frequent & regular travel in Asia Pacific and Europe, including international trade shows, B2B road shows & sales calls, the base of his intense network in Europe.

NORMAN is your partner for Benelux (Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands) and some East European countries ( Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania).
Until another colleague is joining our team, he will look also after the UK.

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